MyApp has a suite of Enterprise-grade SaaS solutions. Inside a SINGLE APP it offers many capabilities like Messaging, Teams, Tasks, Accounts, and much more.

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MyApp is designed to handle Enterprise-level requirements. It can handle all stakeholders from Board, Management, Staff, Contractors, Customers and Suppliers.

MyApp can scale from a small StartUp of few people to a big Enterprise. MSME's of all natures can utilise MyApp's capabilities.

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Associations of many types can use MyApp.  By its very nature, stakeholders of an association meet up rather infrequently.  The resulting disconnect can be solved by leveraging MyApp's messaging to keep everyone informed.

Executive Committees can also have their own private digital space to oversee Association's functioning.

Associations can also leverage its network of stakeholders using MyApp's B2B and B2C capabilities.

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