If there is any truth in the adage "future wars are about water," then MyApp is helping prevent future wars!

The Art of Living Water Projects team is replicating its success in reviving Vedavathi River basin.  Gadag water basins are being revived now.  Overseas Volunteer for Better India is participating.  It is a massive undertaking involving construction of 15,000+ projects.

MyApp is right at the centre of the activity as the data collection app.  MyApp has held its head high since the past 18 months, and is "battle-hardened" to operate successfully in the rural areas of India.

In locations where ecommere and news portal apps struggle to load pages in the Mobile, MyApp has excelled in providing Internet enabled services.  MyApp also has provided Offline mode for RRP Projects!

RRP MyApp is scaling up to 30 TIMES its current scale, by February next !